Kronos steam sterilizer, 23 l, class B

Šifra Kronos 23B

B class tabletop steam sterilizers for medical and dental professionals.

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Main features of 23 liters Newmed Midmark autoclave, class B

  • Optional built-in water purifier
  • 12 money saving sterilization cycles
  • Automatic door release and locking
  • Standard water quality sensor
  • Built-in printer and optional USB data-logger

Features of Kronos Midmark Newmed autoclave

Door locking:Motor operated door locking guarantees total safety, greater ease of handling and reliable self-regulation of the hatch.

Built-in printer:A standard accessory that during the sterilization process, an automatic print-out records the entire procedure, thereby providing a permanent record of every sterilization cycle. The paper printout can then be kept and attached to your files for a complete and accurate record.

USB PORT: Automatic digital cycle recoding on USB stick (optional).

Friendly interface: A multilingual software with just four buttons for simpler navigation to all sterilization options. The LCD display shows current information about your sterilization cycles and alerts on errors or service needs.

Chamber: 23 liter chamber made of thick one-piece moulded steel. Available in AISI 304 (standard) and AISI 316 (on demand).

Water purification system:With built-in ROSI, tri-cartridge water purification system your autoclave can be connected directly to your practice water supply (optional).

Water quality sensor: Our sterilizers are additionally protected by the inclusion of a water quality sensor, as standard. The quality of the water is therefore constantly monitored. The display informs the user whether water used for sterilization is good.

NewMed units come as standard with all the accessories you would expect including the tray holder, trays, removal tool, cleaning sponge and water connections included in the list price. We also ensure low cost of ownership by offering you remarkably affordable, quality spare parts.

Tehnički podaci
  • Autoclave class: B
  • Chamber capacity: 23 L
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • External dimensions: H 400 x W 505 x D 690 mm
  • Chamber dimension: ø 230 x D 3530 mm
  • Clean water tank capacity: 4L
  • Used water tank capacity: 4l
  • Trays supplied/dimensions: 4/H 19 x W 185 x D 440 mm
  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 2400 W
  • Working range: 5 to 9 cycles

Cycles specifiation in Kronos 23 autoclave, class B

  • Helix - B&D test: 35 min
  • Vacuum test: 15 min
  • 121 °C hollow wrapped: 50 min, max. 3.5 kg
  • 134 °C hollow wrapped: 39 min, max. 3.5 kg
  • 121 °C solids wrapped: 47 min, max. 3.5 kg
  • 134 °C solids wrapped: 35 min, max. 3.5 kg
  • 134 °C prion: 54 min, max. 3.5 kg
  • 121 °C porous: 60 min, max. 1.5 kg
  • 134 °C porous: 50 min, max. 1.5 kg
  • 121°C rapid: 41 min, max. 4.5 kg
  • 134°C rapid: 30 min, max. 4.5 kg
  • 134°C hollow open: 36 min, max 4.5 kg

Above calculate values are calculated with preheated chamber, max. load weight and drying.

Kronos 23 l class B autoclave meets the standards:

  • 93/42/CEE
  • 2014/68/EU
  • 2012/19/EU
  • EN 13060
  • EN 61010-1
  • EN 61326
  • EN 61010-2-40
Naziv proizvoda
KRB20000SB10040  Autoclave Newmed KRONOS 23 l, class B
KRB20000SB11040  Autoclave Newmed KRONOS 23 l, class B with USB port
KRB20000SB10140  Autoclave Newmed KRONOS 23 l, class B with ROSI system
KRB20000SB11140  Autoclave Newmed KRONOS 23 l, class B with ROSI and USB port