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Applications of Cell Culture Under Flow: Endothelial Response to Shear Stress

The webinar will provide an overview on endothelial cell response to flow. Discussions will highlight how different blood flow profiles influence the endothelial cell phenotype. Since blood flow in the vascular network is not uniform, certain blood vessel regions are more susceptible to the cardiovascular disease atherosclerosis. A case study will be presented to illustrate the use of the ibidi Pump System for visualizing endothelial shear stress response and how laminar flow protects against atherosclerosis.



Speaker of Cell Culture Under Flow Webinar







Julia Mack, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Julia J. Mack is an Assistant Professor at UCLA (Los Angeles, USA) in the Dept. of Medicine, Division of Cardiology. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry and completed her postdoctoral training in the Dept. of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology at UCLA. In July 2018, Julia started her research group in the David Geffen School of Medicine. She was awarded a Career Development Award from the American Heart Association and serves as a mentor for the AHA STEM Goes Red Program. Her research group studies the mechanobiology of endothelial cell signaling using high resolution imaging techniques to interpret the role of blood flow forces in cardiovascular health.


Download the whole "Cell Culture Under Flow" Application Guide as a PDF here.