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Animalab Academy webinar series

During Animalab Academy project you have free access to content provided by professionals representing scientifc fields, representatns of Animalab suppliers:

Why could you attend in Animalab Academy webinars?

  • convinient form - online webinar 
  • convinient time - Fridays in the early afternoon
  • receiving recorded version by registered participants

The schedule of webinars is presented below, to learn more & register click on the topic of your choice:

31.03.2023 Inscopix webinar: Miniscope technology

14.04.2023 Altromin webinar: "…and what’s inside your feed racks?" – Diets for laboratory animals – a brief overview

21.04.2023 Oxford Optronix webinar: Evaluating organoid models for drug discovery and toxicology

12.05.2023 ViewPoint webinar: Standard and custom-made behavioural monitoring solutions for Zebrafish

19.05.2023 Instech webinar: Tips for a successful rodent vascular catheterization surgery and for an extended catheter patency duration