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A matter of choice and handling – working with high-fat diets

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Abstract: The product range on the market for high-fat diets for laboratory rodents is almost as wide as the selection of sweets in the supermarket. The researcher is therefore spoilt for choice here, and concurrently, the right choice of diet is essential for the reliability and success of the animal experiment. When working with high-fat diets, a few basic principles have to be considered – influencing both animal welfare and finally scientific quality. The talk will give a brief overview over the different high-fat diet types and the basic approach to work with them.

Presenter: Dr. med.-vet. Judith Kirchner-Musmann completed her degree in veterinary medicine in 2008 at the Veterinary School of Hanover, Germany, and directly started to work in the field of laboratory animal science by writing her doctoral thesis about laboratory mice bedding preferences. After a position in an animal facility in the pharmaceutical industry, she is working since 2012 as scientific associate for Altromin Spezialfutter GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. She has more than a decade of experience in laboratory animal science (FELASA certificate Category B&C; established lecturer in FELASA B&C-training courses).  As part of her professional activity, it is her special concern to inform and sensitize for the factor of laboratory animal nutrition with respect to research quality and animal welfare.