We invite to meet Animalab Croatia team during Slovene Microscopy Symposium in Ankaran


The main goal of the symposium is to bring together the emerging young researchers and the experts applying different microscopic techniques in the fields of life sciences, material science and industry. Beside the presentation of the latest achievements and trends in microscopy, the symposium also provides an opportunity for introduction of research groups and their microscopic methodologies on all levels of resolution, with the aim of comprehensive overview of available microscopic techniques in Slovenia. Due to the variety of microscopic techniques and sample preparation methodologies, the special emphasis of the symposium will be on clear and user-friendly lectures, in order to make them understandable for wider audience. The aim is to stimulate the interactions between research fields and closer collaboration between academic institutions and industrial sector.


The forth Slovene Microscopy Symposium cordially invites all participants, who directly or indirectly use microscopic methods in their work including research-, pedagogical- and industrial personnel. Beside already established researchers, we especially address young colleges, PhD students and scientist at the beginning of their carriers. We also kindly welcome all who believe that connecting to microscopy-related organizations and personnel in Slovenia, would contribute to the efficiency of their scientific work, research, development or industrial application.