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Automatic cryostat Minux®

Šifra FS800A

With a fully automated, user-friendly operating system, FS800A cryostat gives you the confidence to consistently produce reproducible, thin, serial frozen sections of the maximum quality. Recently, the cryostat machine price hike has been intensified by the rising production costs.

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For the purpose of getting fast results, keeping tissue samples intact is crucial in clinical pathology, histology, histopathology, and research labs. This can be done by using a cryostat machine that employs cryogenic temperatures to freeze and preserve tissues.

The price of our cryostat machine is determined by high-quality tissue sectioning and various smart features.

  • Four automatic slicing modes can meet the needs of different slicing tissue modes.
  • Cutting window function ensures the quality as well as improves the efficiency.


  • Cryostat price is set at a reasonable level, and it guarantees stable performance and accurate measurement.
  • Stable temperature: the advanced temperature control system, compressor and cooling system perfectly guarantee temperature stability.
  • High-precision cross rail and screw, five-phase high-resolution sampling motor and horizontal sampling slider made of aviation aluminum form a precise sampling system to ensure stable slice quality.


  • UVC disinfection: adopting advanced low-temperature UVC disinfection technology to effectively kill bacteria and viruses, disinfecting the inner surface and the air of the cabinet to reduce the risk of contamination by infectious materials.
  • Waste liquid management system: waste liquid volume will be displayed on the touch screen. Full bottle alarm to prevent waste liquid from flowing out and contaminating the ground.


  • Efficient operation: cryostat is equippped in colorful, sensitive touchscreen and joystick for integration of coarse sample feeding, trimming and section switching, also for slice parameter adjustment.
  • Quick positioning: precise positioning system with ±8°visual pointer make it easy to adjust the specimen clamp to the target angle, reducing trimming and sample waste.
  • Automatic sleep and wake-up modes: save energy, simplify manual operation and reduce waiting time.